The WORST things about the AZORES??? (2023)


Hello friends. Welcome to the Azores. I received an interesting question - on what would I say the worst things about the Azores are.
In this video, first, we are going to talk about what tourists find the most annoying on the Azores (from what I have heard from them the most) and then, a couple of things to consider if you are planning to move here full time.

To have the best information on the weather, the best is to check out the following website:

Last year, when I was traveling around the archipelago, I used the following company for ferries:
There are other companies as well but they are the only ones with whom I have an experience. You can see the details on routes on the website.

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A, very interesting thing happened the other day and a couple from the United States reached out to me through e-mail after they saw one of the videos.

They are kind of thinking about moving to the Azores.


We started e-mailing a bit back and forth.


They told me that they already know that it's like a paradise and it's known because of sustainability and hot springs and beautiful nature.

All this like ocean life and good food.


There was this very particular question at the end of the e-mail: What are the worst things about the Azores? And I was like, wow.

That is a really nice question.


If we travel for vacation, we don't really wanna see the bad things.

I mean, we don't even have time to see the bad things.


We are gonna talk about things, which are the most annoying for tourists.

And then we are just gonna look at it from a perspective of living here., Number one.

You almost always have to fly to Portugal mainland first.


Many countries there are no direct flights, but the flight schedule, as everywhere else in the world changes, depending on winter and summer, seasons., Now, it's, July, 2022.


Now you can get here directly from Paris, London, Manchester, Boston and Toronto, New, York, Barcelona, and I, don't know, a few other cities outside of Portugal.


(Video) The WORST things about the AZORES???

Another problem, especially in summer is that there are no cars to rent.

Sometimes, literally, none., And, I know that some people prefer private guides or hiring a taxi.

And in that case, that's OK.

But if you want to rent a car, try to book the car right after you book, your flight tickets, especially if you are coming in summer, like from May until October.


This thing with renting, a car is not a joke in summer and I saw it last summer and I am seeing the same thing.

This summer.


People are solving this issue by combining buses and private drivers and taxis and I mean, yeah, it is possible to solve it.

It also works, you just won't have that much freedom.

And, one more advice for visitors who are renting cars.

Always check the marks on the car before you sign the contract.

Take pictures of the car, of the scratches, It's rental cars and people don't take care of the car.

They get scratched.

And the roads on some parts of the island are very tiny., It's, good to take pictures of the car.

Because once you return the car and the company "finds" "new scratches", which might have been there, even when you took the car, they will hold you responsible.


If you are not responsible for it.


If you don't have the right insurance, you might be forced to pay for the damages.


Next thing is the weather.

A lot of people tend to complain about the weather, even though you cannot really do much with the weather.


Many times I get asked what the weather will be like when somebody is coming, like in a certain date, range.


The thing is that you never know.


Good thing is that it's never too hot or never too cold.


(Video) Part 2: The WORST things about the Azores

The exact temperature, Nobody really knows.

It changes a lot.

There is a different weather on the south.

And there is a different weather on the north.

The best is to check the app.

They have and just to see the cameras.


Another thing is weather.

It is necessary to book hotels and restaurants in advance in summer.



It is, in summer.

Yes., Even, restaurants., And, hotels - yes.


Next point would be traveling between islands.

It's easy, but it's, actually, not that easy.


The best option is to fly.

And as far as I know, the only airline which offers inter-island flights is Azores, airlines.

And to get to most of the islands.

You would have to take a flight from Sao Miguel.

First Also, in my opinion, the flights are quite expensive.

Then about ferries.

It is not hard to travel around between islands which belong to the same group of islands.

For example, if you want to travel from Sao Jorge to Pico or Flores to Corvo.

But as far as I know, there are no ferries from Sao Miguel to Corvo, for example.

Previously I used the company, I.

Think it was something like Atlantico lines or Atlantic lines, but I am going to doublecheck their website and I am just gonna put it to the description.

So you can see the details and routes.


(Video) AZORES: : The lost village of Sao Miguel + drugs and the Azores HD 1080p

Another thing is the local roads and infrastructure.

It's true that the roads in the villages might get very tiny.

But on the other hand, there are the highways, which are I think more than okay.

The lizards and cockroaches.


You are very likely to see both.

actually much more like any different kinds of insects.

There are lizards everywhere.

And you can expect to see cockroaches.

And sometimes you will find them inside the airbnb.

But, good hotels and airbnbs usually call these companies who deal with cockroaches like they come from the company and spray the house against the cockroaches like every 2-3 months.

With, the cockroaches I feel like I saw them the most during fall.

I, don't know, maybe it's like a weird coincidence., But.

Yeah, I have this feeling that I saw them more in like September - October.

Then in March, for example.


They both, the cockroaches and lizards, and other small insects.

They move, like, really fast.

All, the things which were mentioned in the video until now were mainly from a perspective of a tourist.

And these were the things I heard.

The most that tourists were complaining, about.


Now from a bit of a different perspective.

From, a perspective of living here.

And, a couple of things, which might be useful to consider before moving here, full time.


You come here for the very first time you are going to be amazed and thrilled and excited.

But that "hype" and, kind of like.

"Wow" effect, is going to disappear.

Slowly by time.

(Video) What It's REALLY Like in Ponta Delgada, Portugal


At one point living here is just going to become normal.


First thing would be healthcare and it's great here.

But if you have to undergo some complicated procedures, you will have to fly to mainland Portugal.


A great thing is that if you live in the capital city or like a bigger city, you will not necessarily need a car from the very beginning.


Having one makes everything less complicated, Then, n., 3, in winter.

There is no snow, but because of the rain, wind and humidity, it might feel a bit colder.

And I think a lot of houses do not have a heating system.

So during winter.

It can get a bit chilly, during the evenings and nights.

Then mould and humidity.

The humidity is high.

But it also depends on the part of the island where you live.

On, some parts of the island it's higher.

And in winter, it's really good to have a dehumidifier.


The walls get mouldy very easily.


Even the clothes, can get kind of.

You know, wet., especially if you leave your clothes, folded one on each other and just put them into the wardrobe.

I guess it's better to hang them.


Well, the last one, but it's also a fun.



Things, delivered might take time.


(Video) WORST things about the AZORES? #shorts

It might be a bit more complicated.


It will take some time.


The WORST things about the AZORES??? ›

Limited job opportunities. Another major drawback of living in the Azores is limited job opportunities. As mentioned earlier, the Azores has not been receiving much attention. Therefore, major companies have not yet set up shops on the island.

What are the disadvantages of living in the Azores? ›

Limited job opportunities. Another major drawback of living in the Azores is limited job opportunities. As mentioned earlier, the Azores has not been receiving much attention. Therefore, major companies have not yet set up shops on the island.

Is the water in Azores safe to drink? ›

Health & safety in The Azores

While mineral water is available in restaurants and shops, it's safe to drink the tap water in hotels and homes in the Azores, so remember to bring refillable water bottles and keep your family hydrated round the clock.

Is there crime in the Azores? ›

Crime rates in the Azores are very, very low. This includes crimes that are common at popular tourist destinations worldwide, such as pickpocketing and bag snatching.

Is it safe to live in the Azores? ›

Like all of Portugal, the Azores offer its inhabitants an excellent quality of life at lower costs than other European regions. But there's a lot more that the Azores offers besides an affordable living cost. The weather is pleasant most of the year, and the islands are extremely safe.

Why did so many people leave the Azores? ›

Capelinhos Volcanic Eruption – Azoreans flee

While no one was killed, the eruption that lasted for 13 months caused massive destruction on the island. This period spawned 300 seismic events, destroying 300 houses. Over 2,000 people were evacuated to the US and Canada.

Can Americans move to Azores? ›

If you are an American, you will need a Residence Visa to live in the Azores.

Are mosquitoes bad in Azores? ›

Bugs (like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas) can spread a number of diseases in Azores. Many of these diseases cannot be prevented with a vaccine or medicine. You can reduce your risk by taking steps to prevent bug bites.

Are there snakes in the Azores? ›

As for land animals we do not have any snakes or dangerous animals, but we do have hedgehogs, rats, ferrets, and wild rabbits. The bat of the Azores is the only native mammal that you can find in land. The Azores belong to the Macaronesia area, containing a huge number of endemic species of each Island.

Can you swim in the ocean in the Azores? ›

The ocean in Azores can be rough and big waves and strong currents are common. Always pay attention to the color coding of beach flags. Yellow: swimming is disencouraged, although you technically can go into the water for a quick dip. Green: safe for swimming.

What illness do people in the Azores have? ›

What Is Azorean Disease? Azorean disease is a disorder that causes impaired brain function, vision problems, and muscle control. It is named after a group of nine Portuguese islands called Azores, where the disease was prevalent.

Is English spoken in the Azores? ›

15. Many Azoreans speak English. The official language in the Azores is Portuguese, but English is widely spoken in all of the islands.

How many murders in Azores? ›

In 2021 there were a total of 85 murders registered in Portugal; 78 occurred on Continental Portugal, 4 on the autonomous island region of The Azores, and 3 on the autonomous island region of Madeira.

Do the Azores get tsunamis? ›

Critical examination of available data – written accounts and geologic evidence – indicates that, since the settlement of the archipelago in the 15th century, at least 23 tsunami have struck Azorean coastal zones. Most of the recorded tsunami are generated by earthquakes.

Are the Azores like Hawaii? ›

Beyond Beautiful Beaches and Brilliant Surf: Unveiling an Unforgettable Coastal Experience. Just like Hawaii, the Azores offer visitors captivating coastlines dotted by sun-dappled beaches and stunning shores.

How long can an American stay in the Azores? ›

There is no visa required for U.S. citizens traveling for business or tourist purposes for a maximum stay of 60 days. A valid signed U.S. Passport (valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of entry) is required. Register your trip on-line with the U.S. Embassy in this country.

Is the Azores good for retirement? ›

The Azores, a group of nine volcanic islands in the North Atlantic, boast an unspoiled environment and a strong connection to nature. Retirees here can indulge in activities such as whale watching, diving, and exploring the islands' stunning landscapes.

Are mosquitoes a problem in the Azores? ›

Bugs (like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas) can spread a number of diseases in Azores. Many of these diseases cannot be prevented with a vaccine or medicine. You can reduce your risk by taking steps to prevent bug bites.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Azores? ›

Expect to spend $979 – $3,563 (€909 – €3,319) Per Month for a single person or a family living in Azores Portugal. $2000 per Month is sufficient to live on.


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